As Creative Director for Electric Zoo, I had the honor of directing a very talented international team of designers, producers, makers, and performers to bring New York City's electronic music festival to São Paulo, Brasil. 

My responsibilities included the following:
• Logo design
• Art direction for creation of key art used for advertising & promotion
• Graphic design for website and social media graphics
• Creative direction for stage designs and LED content
• Creative direction for site decor, large art pieces, and costumed performers
• Creative direction of merchandise line
Mockups of animal sculptures to provide direction to sculptors/fabricators:
Finished sculptures:
Treehouse Stage area sketch:
Treehouse Stage area completed:
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design: Jeff Wright / Recursion Creative
Illustrator: Mike D'Angelo
Additional Graphic Design & Motion Graphics: Boompje Studio

Main Stage Design: 250K
LED Show Content & VJing: Eyesupply
Light Design: André Beekmans / The Art of Light
Original Treehouse Stage Design: Marc Adema / Monox
Treehouse Adaptation for Brasil with live painting on surrounding "trees": Jeff Wright + Thiago Peduti

Brasil Deco Team Lead: Thiago Peduti
Electric Zoo Global Deco Lead: Patty Gutarra

Giraffe & monkey costume designs & performance: Erminio Pinque / Big Nazo
Zebra costume design: Sean Fountain / Wildchild World
Brasil costume performers lead: Juliana Garavatti

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