I've been overseeing design for NYC electronic dance music festival, Electric Zoo, since it's first edition in 2009. I designed the first logo for the festival, and I've refined it over the years and created many variations for various themed and global editions (Electric Zoo: Transformed, Electric Zoo: Wild Island, Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro, Electric Zoo Beach, Electric Zoo Brasil, etc.)

For the 10th edition, we wanted to take a bigger departure with the logo and visual identity package than we had in the past, emphasizing the name "The Big 10" and making the letterforms clearer at small sizes.

It was a pleasure providing direction to Charles Williams (MadeUp) for this project and having him refine my sketches into a beautiful finished project.

I provided the initial sketches, art direction, and color palette choices. Charles drew the letterforms, refined everything, and gave it the final shading and toning.
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